Traditional beats from the mascarenes Islands on djembe and ravann blending with African and Western styles


Funky rhythms covering Reggae, Seggae, Sega, Bossa Nova and fusions


Synthesizers and grooves machines floating on synthwave, techno, psytrance and various other styles


Lyrics writing in Mauritian creole and well as music composition and arrangements


Recording, mixing and mastering sounds for my own projects.


The Alley (Single)

Didier Joomun's first electronic track ! Cyberpunk inspired, this slow synthwave made with the Korg MS 20 mini and Volca Bass is built around an hypnotic bass from the MS 20 mini which may remind some of Kavinsky.

Analogue Alchemy

Experimental music project with Felipe C. Nurmi on the drums and percussions, Jeremy Ostrander on the trombone, didgeridoo and Didier Joomun on the Korg MS 20 mini.

You can listen to our first album of short audio clips on Reverbnation !

Furmi ruz

Furmi ruz consists of two members; Didier Joomun and Inella Joomun, music aficionados coming from Mauritius Island. They explore world music and often mix traditional and electronic instruments in their creations.

You can follow us on Reverbnation !


Zilwa is a world music band in Ho Chi Minh City.